Honestly, it’s a wonderful place to get an MRI or an X-ray since the staff treats you just as lovely as the office is. I know it was just for x rays but it felt like a mini spa experience. The other places I’ve been to were sterile grey places with fluorescent lighting and smelled of antiseptic. One even smelled like sewer.

So, I love this place even if I hope I never need to use it again.


Such a great experience from the time I walked in the door until I left. Everyone I encountered was very friendly. The waiting room was so relaxing, they placed relaxing music and had good smelling oils diffusing, I felt as if I was in a spa! The tech called me back, and took me to an area to lock my things away if needed, went in for my MRI and was done in no time.  They also sent my results to my doctor as well! Great experience!

Great experience.  My first MRI-they explained everything to me.  Beautiful spa-like setting.

Having been to several MRI places I must say this is the most lovely one. I wish I had the opportunity to take more photos. Once you’ve been admitted to the back, it looks and feels like a spa. The dressing room area feels opulent. A chaise, throws, a freestanding old fashioned mirror, a fountain, gentle music and soft lighting greet you. A satin hanger is provided to hold your clothing and sachets are hung from door knobs and hooks. In one of the MRI rooms there is a wooden screen, a tapestry and a thick rug on the wood laminate floor. Artwork and scattered antiques are arranged against a buttery yellow color scheme.

The BEST MRI and xray place in town! Carol and her team are top notch. My patients always have an amazing experience and my office receives reports within a matter of days if not the same day. The Radiologists are always willing to discuss reports. All around an exceptional team!!

Dr. Kennedy


7999 Philips Highway
Suite 311
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Hours of operation:

Monday:        10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday:         8 am – 8 pm
(evenings for your convenience)

Wednesday:  8 am – 8 pm
(evenings for your convenience)

Thursday:      8 am – 6 pm
Friday:            8 am- 6 pm
Saturday:       8 am – 3 pm
(will extend Saturday hours by appointment)

Phone our office:

Phone: (904) 683-6667
Fax:      (904) 683-8419

Baymeadows MRI Directions

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